About Sky

My intention, purpose and vision with sharing and selling my artwork is to uplift humanity through celebrating the beauty, all around us & within us.

✨ Enthusiastic dreamer ✨ Lover of Nature & Kindness ✨ Ridiculously Loyal ✨

✨ Cosmic Consciousness Visionary ✨ Passionate Longevity Herbalist ✨

✨ Joy Alchemist ✨ Mystic Sailor ✨ Recycle,Reduce, Reuse fanatic ✨

✨ Resilient Comic ✨ Freedom Devotee ✨

more about Sky

Sky is self taught artist, with over 24 years experience creating.

Her first paintings, what is now called, her classic style, are traditional brush paintings, oil or acrylics on canvas, mostly described as Expressionism.

These vibrant, joyful paintings, have been often compared to the Masters, Van Gogh, Dr. Seuss, even Tim Burton and Peter Max.

Sky has also enjoyed expanding her work, with a pop art style, made with original stencils and professional spray paint.

Sky’s fun & bold pop art style have varied her creative juices & been collected by many.

She also taught herself surrealism. Adding a little more realism to her work, which has been very popular and successful.

These dynamic surreal paintings, take 8+ weeks to complete and Sky looks forward to doing more of these in the future.

Sky has been a full-time artist for almost 15 years. She has thousands of her prints and originals, in homes & offices, from all walks of life, enjoyed all over the world.

early Sky

Born to a eccentric parents, Sky grew up mostly in Texas, but has lived in 6 states, East to West coast & in between. Going to 7+ elementary schools and three high schools, in 3 different states, has contributed to her gypsy soul in her adult life.

She has worked in many different fields. Most time spent with a photography background, working in various professional photography labs, as a Color Analyst, long before she ever knew, she was a painter.

As a self starter, she has been self-employed, most of her adult life.

Now she gets to share her vivid, exuberant paintings with you!