Tree lovers


“Tree lovers” Full Color 24×36″ Poster

Sky’s newest surreal painting!

Tree of life…

Life seen through the eyes of a tree.

Spirit animals & fairytales, this painting has alot to enjoy…
See below for whole story.

24x36" Full Color Poster


Sky's third surreal painting.  Original painting acrylic on canvas.


Tree of life...
Life seen through the eyes of a tree.
Ended up being a love story about a couple,
(in the lower left) and their journey through life, as the tree has seen it.
(start at the path in the lower right & go in counter clockwise to see their story.)
They enjoyed going to the river/ocean and hot air balloon trips.  (Ice cream hot air balloon)
The surfer is him, as she imagined him, before she ever met him.
(because we all have that idea of the person we want in our mind, before we meet them.)
They end up together, have a fruit orchard and vineyard.
They’re building their castles & dreams in the sky ...
That’s why their toasting to their love and success.
Everyday is a celebration.
Now they travel all over the world.
& They still make time for mother nature and camping, because they are just cool like that....
& go skinny-dipping in the lake where they met, underneath the tree's shade.
(back to center of painting)
See the two trees in the purple mountain?
That is the tree dreaming of finding his or her love.
& look right below that -
do you see their faces ?
they have their first kiss, underneath the tree.
The unicorn and dragon hedges are their spirit animals, protecting their dreams coming true.
(hers unicorn/ his dragon )
Hopefully you will find your spirit animal or animal you connect to, in the rest of the painting.
See the Cities of the world in the top left ?
Dallas, Seattle, New York, Paris or Vegas, Singapore, Dubai,
& of course Los Angeles!
Because the trees live so long, they see the past, present and future.
if you’ll follow the highway, (in the cityscape) from the past to the future & turn the painting upside down!
you will see Sky's artist vision of us, living in harmony with Mother Nature in the future.
There are many hidden gems to find.
Hope you enjoy looking for them, tree lovers.✨
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